Me and J

J and I met in 1998 in the spring.  We were both involved in a community theater group called ToDAY productions.  I was just a freshman and he was a junior and we were doing the show Cotton Patch Gospel (the Gospel of Matthew set in the deep south).  At the time we both were dating other people and were friends, but I definitely thought he was hot!  (And so did some of my other friends in the Youth Group like company).

Fast forward.  I move to Cincinnati in the summer of 2005 to go to grad school.  I go through recruiting on campus, looking for an after graduation job.  I ran into J at a recruiting event as he worked at one of the large firms in my field.  We talked a bit that day and exchanged email addresses.  We emailed back and forth a little bit, but when I found out that he was in the middle of a divorce (after only a year of marriage) I kind of backed off and stayed out of contact.

Fast forward again - Fall of 2008.  J contacts me via facebook.  Asks if we can meet for lunch to reconnect a little.  After that, I try super hard to deny the fact that I like him (previous hurt), and he tries super hard to impress me by sending flowers to my office and taking me to nice meals.  I did the best I could to build walls all around me so he could not get in.

And yet, he did.  And by the time that I realized that, all the drama began.  There was a lot of back and forth with J and I and an exgirlfriend of his.  She definitely spent some time making my life miserable.  And I think she made J's that way too.  It took about 6 months to get through all of it before J and I were finally able to settle down and be together and just be.  And then things just got better. 

We have been on several vacations together now, including two to Las Vegas.  We went in November of 2010, and the most memorable moment in my life so far happened!

We got engaged!  There we are right after it happened in front of the fountain at the Palazzo on the strip.  It was right there that he proposed and I was in absolute shock!

We were married on August 27, 2011 in Toledo, OH.  Our wedding day went off without a hitch, and it is amazing to think about the fact that it flew by as fast as it did.  Did anyone else who is married find the same thing?  It's just hard to remember everything and you spent so much time prepping for the day, and then... it's over!

For right now, it is just us.  I am kind of spending this year trying to get myself grounded and happy with myself so I can be ready to start our family (other than the furbabies) in the future!

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