Training Update: Week of September 10

Two weeks from today I will be resting. I will be in a car driving home from New York after the marathon. I will have seen what I have in me as far as fight and mental game.

But for now, I continue to put in the work, put in the miles, and see what happens.
The first week of taper (which did not really feel like it outside of the long run) is complete. Two long-ish workouts in there made for a tough week, but they both helped with my confidence.

Let's see how I spent the week.

Monday: 6 miles, easy. Yoga.
Tuesday: 11 miles, 8 @ MP. Yoga.
Wednesday: Yoga.
Thursday: 9 miles, 10x400m @ 5K pace. Yoga.
Friday: 6 miles + drills. Yoga.
Saturday: 16 miles, last 10 progression. Yoga.
Sunday: Yoga.

48 miles
7x Yoga


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