Nuun Immunity: A Review

Disclaimer: I received two tubes of Nuun Immunity to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I have been drinking nuun regularly for something like 5 years? My husband and I both keeps tubes of it in our desk drawers. It has become a replacement for soda, a replacement for coffee, and a way to help us keep drinking water in addition to all of the hydration benefits that nuun can provide for my running.

So when I was offered an opportunity to review Nuun Immunity and try it, I jumped on that chance.
Nuun immunity is supposed to hydrate and restore your immune system with the vitamins and anti-oxidants that it contains. A few examples of the ingredients it contains and their benefits:
Organic Turmeric: a plant-based anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
Zinc/Selenium: natural anti-oxidant
Vitamins a, c, d and e: antioxidants

Nuun immunity comes in two flavors (and in my opinion, both are delicious!) blueberry tangerine and orange citrus. Interestingly, when the tablets dissolve, they are both VERY orange in color, so I guess the tangerine outweighs the blueberry in the color? 

As I am in the heart of my marathon training, I am working hard to incorporate this into my regular life. I have not been sick this training cycle (KNOCK ON WOOD) and I am hoping that this will help keep all of the snuffles or whatever else could happen at bay.
Clearly Zeus is into checking out the Nuun Immunity!

Daily, I am using one tablet of this. According to the website you can have up to 6 servings in one day! Admittedly, that feels like a LOT of nuun. But I am definitely hoping that adding it in can help to keep me hydrated, definitely drop a little bit of anti-inflammatory action into this body that is in the middle of all of the tough stuff. 

In order to use Nuun (all varieties), drop one tablet into 16 oz of water - whatever temperature you prefer - and wait for it to dissolve. 
As someone who generally drinks out of a pint glass, the amount of water is pretty easy to wrap your head around and I really especially enjoy the little bit of bubbly that Nuun provides. Now, fingers crossed this gets me to my marathon healthy! (Along with all of the other things that I am doing to try and stay on top of my health!)

Do you want to try nuun immunity? Use code HYDRATEBIBPRO for 20% off your order of Nuun!


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