Training Update: Week of July 16, 23, and 30, August 6

Whoops. Four weeks of training not written about? What happened to my resolution to be more on top of blogging in July? Apparently I started strong and then had a MASSIVE fail. But I guess I can do what I can to correct this now, and that is all I can do?
Somehow, we are down to 47 days until the marathon. That is terrifying. I am scared, but I am also really excited. And I am suddenly starting to feel prepared. I went from feeling not at all ready, to feeling like maybe, just maybe, my endurance is better than I thought it is.

But I guess I have 4 weeks worth of training to examine right now. So maybe I should start there, and reflect a bit before we really get too concerned or worried about where I am for training. So let's get to it.

Week of July 16:
Monday: 5 miles. Yoga.
Tuesday: 8 miles + Strides (9). Yoga. Lift.
Wednesday: Yoga.
Thursday: 9 miles, progressive to MP, Yoga. Lift.
Friday: 5 miles. Yoga.
Saturday: 14 miles. 8:28 average pace. Yoga
Sunday: Yoga.

42 miles
7x yoga
2x lift

Week of July 23:
Monday: 5 miles. yoga.
Tuesday: 9 miles with 20x200m. Yoga.
Wednesday: 8.56 miles with 8x200m hills, and a 10 min tempo. Yoga.
Thursday: Yoga.
Friday: 15 miles at altitude. Yoga.
Saturday: Yoga.
Sunday: Yoga.

37.56 miles
7x yoga

Week of July 30:
Monday: 5 miles, yoga.
Tuesday: 8 miles, last 400 of each FAST. Yoga.
Wednesday: Yoga.
Thursday: 8.5 miles (with 10x200m hills). Yoga.
Friday: 6 miles. Yoga.
Saturday: 16 miles. Yoga.
Sunday: Yoga.

43.5 miles
7x yoga

Week of August 6:
Monday: 6 miles. Yoga.
Tuesday: 8.5 miles (3x 10 mins HMP). Yoga.
Wednesday: Yoga.
Thursday: 9 miles with 7 @ MP. Yoga.
Friday: 6 miles. Yoga.
Saturday: 18 miles. Yoga.
Sunday: Yoga.

47.5 miles
7x yoga

I fell off the lifting wagon with vacation and have not pulled off getting back to it, but I am hopeful that I will get back very soon!


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