Training Update: Week of August 13

I am really wishing I could get it together and be able to get back to blogging more regularly. But... since I have not so far, I guess I have a training update?
This past week was the biggest training week I have had in a really long time. Since I didn't train for a marathon in the Spring, this was definitely the biggest since training for Chicago last fall. Every time I add more mileage to my schedule, I am saying "this is the longest run since Chicago" and it has been true! Even more interesting, I got a new watch last winter, and this one keeps telling me every weekend that I have one new record (a new longest distance). I think that is the fun bonus of a new watch!

Anyway, let's take a look at the training that I did last week.

Monday: 6 miles, easy. Yoga.
Tuesday: 10.79 miles, including 10x1K. Yoga.
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: 10 miles with 6x1mile. Yoga
Friday: 6 miles, easy. Yoga.
Saturday: 20 miles! Yoga.
Sunday: Yoga 

7x yoga
52.79 miles
ZERO strength (UGH)


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