Karma Ring Duo: A Review

Disclaimer: I received a Karma Ring to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

As an active woman who also is married (and wears a ring - I know that not everyone does), I am often not wearing the ring because I don't want to risk a few things.
1. Swollen hands with my ring on.
2. Losing it because I got sweaty and it slipped.
The two opposite problems, but both possible to happen when I am out on a long run in the heat of the summer.

Karma Ring to the rescue. I admittedly, always thought about getting a silicone ring just for this reason, but I just had never done it, so when my partnership with BibRave allowed me this opportunity, I was definitely interested in it.
The ring arrived in this tin, with all of the pieces held in place with some foam. In the center is the main band, and the colors around the outside are the center pieces to change up the color of the ring. According to Karma, the colors were meant to help with goal setting, similar to belt colors in martial arts. Admittedly, I am mostly using them as the colors that I like, or the colors that match or compliment what I am wearing. 

Running is a given, and I have quite the left side bling, as that is where I wear my wedding band, and it is also where I wear my watch for running. Here is my current left side d├ęcor after a 13 mile long run in the end of July.
This ring was perfect for the long run. It was not noticeable on my hand, so I didn't think about it or worry about it, and yet, I was still wearing it, which admittedly makes my husband feel good. 

Karma has created a "style guide" to show meanings of the ring on different hands and fingers, giving meaning to the ring placement other than left hand, ring finger (for marriage). For example, the middle finger represents identity and materialism which can correspond to ones purpose in life. "At the center of the hand, it symbolizes personal identity and the things most important to us."

I do usually wear my engagement and wedding rings to the gym when I lift, but I also know that I am running the risk of scratching them when I do this. Using karma ring helped me to alleviate that concern. My Karma ring is not going to scratch when deadlifting!
Here are some of the key features of the ring that may make it even more appealing to you:
  • Hypoallergenic – Even sensitive skin will love the specially formulated silicone used in every Karma Ring.
  • Non Porous – Doesn’t absorb germs, odors, and chemicals.
  • Ultra Durable – Wears like iron feels like silk
  • Non Conductive/Non Magnetic – Will not affect hand held mobile devices, Bluetooth technology, or magnetic strips on credit cards.
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