Training Update: Week of June 25

Ha HA! Finally getting in here and writing a training update on a reasonably normal timeline! Pleased with that for sure, as I got behind in my blogging and all of that last month. So let's see if I can really make a difference this month with posts (and also mileage).

But this week was a normal week when it comes to training, so let's take a look!
Monday: 4 miles SO EASY. Yoga. 
Tuesday: 7 miles + strides (8 total). Yoga. Lift.
Wednesday: Yoga.
Thursday: 6 miles (first workout!). Yoga. Lift.
Friday: 4 miles easy. Yoga.
Saturday: Yoga.
Sunday 8 miles +strides (9 total). Yoga.

7x Yoga
2x Lift
31 miles

Onward and upward.
89 days to go.


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