Track, Makeup, and LR prep

I spent some money yesterday. No surprise there. Ha! But this was different for me. No new running clothes, but it is running related. For a while, I was thinking about purchasing the NBC Sports Gold package, because I have spent an occasional excessive amount of time trying to find track meets (or bigger road races) on TV. So yesterday, I decided it was time to spend the money.

So now I am catching up on USAs, watching some of what I had not gotten to yet (that is saved on my DVR) along with some of the events that only got highlighted during the broadcast (like rounds, etc). I know that I already know all of the results, but I still love watching it. Is that super nerdy? Regardless, I am not sure that I care.

This is how I am spending my time as I am getting ready for my long run this Saturday. I have 12 miles on the docket, which is my longest run so far. I am a little bit nervous about it, but at the same time, the weather outside is PERFECT, and I cannot wait to get out there because of the weather, even though I am feeling a little bit nervous about a run that is over 90 minutes. But I am going to take a deep breath and get out there. I know that I can do this.
Addie did her own makeup last night. As you can see, she has not yet learned the art of subtle being better when it comes to makeup. I am hoping she figures that out someday, I know that she will. But she just cracks me up asking me at least three evenings per week, "Can I put on real makeup?" Maybe twice per week I agree to it. Last night I was teaching her about how she had to wash her face before bed. I think it might have blown her mind.

Speaking of makeup, my sister and I have been chatting about it a lot. She has started loving a certain product, and has become involved in selling it, so good for her. I kept telling her, I WANT to be interested, but I just know that even if I buy something, it would probably end up in my drawer. Smart girl, my sister is, and she says, "Well, if you DO want to be interested, I can help you pick colors and products that will work that are more drugstore brands so you can see if you will use thins before you spend a lot of money."

We will see if I end up a makeup convert.


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