The Madeira Mile: Race recap

As I mentioned the other day, I raced a mile this week! My number one goal was to break 6 minutes, and that was despite the fact that I have done exactly 1 speed session (other than strides) and it was at marathon pace since I did 5K training this spring. My PR was 6:05, and I KNEW I could break 6.

I signed up for the Madeira Mile, which I have never run before, but I know that a lot of my friends have run it several times. I have only raced the mile a few times, always at the Little Kings Mile as part of the Beer Series and the Flying Pig Marathon weekend. I was nervous going in, and I just really wanted this sub-6.
Addie was also running, and as you can see, she wanted a flat runner just like her mom. So we laid everything out together. She also did her own #flatbruce which nearly killed me I was laughing so hard (FYI - moms of girls - Dads DO NOT like their 4 year olds in a crop). Addie and I had a full day for work/school before this race, which my race starting at 6:30 pm and hers at 6:45. We lucked into the fact that Jason was willing to come with us, so he could hang out with Addie while I raced, and he could be our prerace photographer.
After this picture, Jason took Addie down closer to the finish line to watch her mommy race (and be in position for her own race, and I headed out for my warm up. I did a mile and a half and then some strides. The temperature was around 90* and I was dripping sweat by the time I was done with the warm up. I did some drills at the start line and started to get nervous.
You can't see me in this picture. It is a super fast race, (winning male in 4:15, female in 5:05) and I needed to line up behind all of these speedy men.
And I met my goal! I ran a 5:59, and I was so proud of those results. I was 7th woman (first in my age group). The number 2-6 runners were all in high school and the first woman was in my age group. I was going to post a screen grab from the official results here, but it is so small.

After my race, I walked up a quarter mile to where Jason and Addie were waiting to see them and continue to cheer for the runners that were coming into the downtown area. Addie's race was about 8 minutes out, and I know she was excited to get started. But also nervous. She is her mother's daughter after all.

When her race started, she was cruising. There was a small downhill right at the end (it definitely helped me) and that was helping her to run FAST. As Jason anticipated, she fell. No skinned knees or hands, but she definitely immediately started crying. She was walking, and J and I were holding her hands as she continued to cry. By the end we convinced her to pick it up a little in order to finish strong. And she DID.
I definitely would like to do this race again next year.


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