JennaStrong 5K: Race Recap

So on June 24, I ran my first race of the season. I know that I gave just a little tiny bit of a blurb on it in this post, and I also talked about it on Instagram (I might have actually disclosed the time there), but it was a rough day.
It was the first time racing in my new kit as a member of the RAD Rabbit squad. I was running a 5K. I knew that I had not done any speedwork, so it was unlikely that a PR was in the cards for me. But I did know that I was still in good shape from the 5K training I had done that spring, and remember, race day turned out rough for me at the end of that season.

But anyway...

I woke up Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1 am. 2 am. 3 am. 4 am. And I finally got up around 5. I was spending a good amount of time in the restroom (TMI - I know!) at each of those intervals, so I knew going in that it was just not going to be my day. But I still wanted to get out there and see what I could do. Push hard (as long as my stomach was going to allow it) and just see what happened.

I did a 2 mile warm up with Karen followed by some strides. And I knew from that moment that it was definitely going to be a rough day. I was breathing SO HARD just running our warm up miles. The good news was that I did not feel any more winded or anything running strides than I did my warm up, so I figured I put it all out there and if I blow up, I blow up, right?

Mile 1: 6:50.
Mile 2: 7:47
Mile 3: 7:34
Last 0.1: 7:22

Yep. Blew up. I am not sure what happened or what caused it, but I literally was giving everything that I could. I was DEFINITELY dehydrated after the previous night (I was peeing orange) and that probably made a huge difference.  But I am moving on. I got the first race of the season over and done with and I can move on to the next thing, which was actually last night. (More to come)
Karen, her friend and I post race. I had already covered back up and put a tank back on (I raced in a crop).
Karen and I with the race sign post race. It was great to run with her again.


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