Goal Check in: June

1. Save $2500.
I am up to $2000 in my savings account. I am SO CLOSE to reaching this goal, which feels awesome, since it might be one of the only ones that I actually reach this year. But it feels really good to be so close to checking the box on one of my annual goals.

2. Run 2200 miles.

Still way behind. Coming to terms with the fact that it is HIGHLY unlikely that I will get there this year. But here is the thing... I sometimes don't meet my goals. And it can be upsetting. I ran 116 miles (per my garmin) and I did another 5 miles ish on the treadmill without my watch. So I totaled 121.12 miles for June (up several from May!) and I am at 727.27 for the year. Like I said, way off the yearly goal.

3. Read 30 books.
In June, I read 2 books, getting me to 15 for the year, so I think that is a good place to be. I am halfway at halfway! HOWEVER. I went through my goodreads log, and I apparently missed a few books. (Hooray for my kindle app being integrated with Goodreads because it allows me to track things on my kindle without actually remembering to write them down!) So according to that plus the paper books that I have written down, I am at 17 books in 2018!

4. Maintain yoga streak for the full year.
Streak is going strong - we are at 6 months! I even went to a live class in June, which does not always happen! It was only one, but that was one more than in May!

5. Write 150 blog posts.
I had a MAJOR fail at this one in June. I have a lot of work to do in July, so hopefully I can make a dent. I only wrote 6 posts in June, putting me at 58 for the year. Yeah... I have a lot to do.

6. Take a family vacation.
Wait for it. Update coming.


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