Addie update - in pictures

I want to write a post today that is not about running. I want to just write about Addie. I am back to the office today after a midweek day off, and that is always tough.

Addie was pleased as punch to steal the rest of her dad's popcorn and eat it herself. She wanted to take this picture basically to smirk at her dad, showing him that she was emptying his can of popcorn that we bought in Chicago.
Sometimes I smile just looking at her. I mean, look at that mean mug she has on there, look at how angry she is looking. I am pretty sure she is showing off her Wonder Woman face. It cracks me up.
This is Addie sitting at a table outside of the clubhouse at the golf course. Last Friday they had a food truck in and a tap takeover at the club house. So we walked over there to have a beer and hang out with some of the neighborhood people. It ended up being a really good time, and I hope they do it again!
They did a little "camping" segment at Addie's school as part of their summer camp. This is her inside the tent that they made in her classroom. I know she had a lot of fun, even though I know that she has pizza in her hands right there she will not TOUCH pizza. What a weird kiddo. :)
A little morning artistic work while dad was playing golf. She got this rainbow & paint set out of the treasure chest and she had been asking DAILY to get it out and paint it. Finally, on a Saturday morning after she ate her cheesey egg (current favorite breakfast), I let her.
This is how Addie does a flat runner. Not sure why that is, I managed to get her to take a real one (see my Instagram or a blog post to come for that one), but this was what she wanted to do for the race.

I just love her. I think being back in the office after a day off in the middle of the week is kind of tough, so I am glad to reflect on her.


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