A weekend to relax

We had a good weekend last weekend. Yes, I have already mentioned the long run. It was a pretty solid one, and I was definitely happy about it. But obviously there was way more to the weekend than one long run.

After getting home and showering and stuff, J and I headed across town to Blue Ash. For Father's Day, Addie got him a gift certificate for a place called GolfTec where they give lessons, do swing assessments, and also do club fittings. The gift certificate was a Father's Day special that included a little bit of everything, and first on the list was a swing assessment and we had gotten that scheduled for noon on Saturday. I went with J because we had gotten a sitter for the day. I did not watch his swing assessment at all, I sat in the lobby and read my book for the entire time. It was actually FANTASTIC.

After the golf lesson, we went over to a brewery that was nearby, meeting some new-ish friends over there. The brewery is called Fretboard (so obviously, music themed), and J and I have been there a few times, but Alex and Jeff, our friends, had never been. And they seem to share some interests in common with us, so we figured that would be a fun place to meet up. So we had a few adult beverages and played several games of cornhole (or bean bags, whatever you call it).

We moved on to a second brewery. This one Alex and Jeff had been to before, but J and I had not. We have been to the other location, but this one just had not been one that we were very excited about since the other location was more convenient. We were at the Taft's Brewporium this time. There were had a few beers, some pizza, and played shuffleboard which is my favorite bar game. Overall, I had a blast, and I am hoping that J, Alex and Jeff also did!

When we got home that night, someone was tired and snuggly.
But she did manage to pick it up at bedtime.
Girlfriend loves to take selfies and pose with them.

Sunday, Jason had a tee time with some guys over across the street. I got up around when he did to do some work, watch track on NBC Sports Gold, and enjoy some solo time before Addie woke up. Of course, she was up by 7:15 or so. We did some coloring, watched a movie, road Addie's bike in the driveway, cleaned out my car... it was a pretty busy morning and into the afternoon.
Had to load up on sunscreen since we were spending time outside. This is Addie being a ghost!
But J had gotten Addie to promise that she would go to yoga with me at 4 pm. My favorite yoga studio in Cincinnati has a 4 pm Karma class ($5) in their hot studio and a $5 karma class for young kids at the same time. Addie and I have gone together a few times, but she is generally pretty hesitant to be without me. As a result, she does not often want to go.

Apparently we had a pretty exciting more though...
When we arrived at the studio and I turned around, this is what I found. She was out cold. I let her sleep for a few more minutes. I thought she would likely be happier/in a better mood if she was rested, even just a little.

She did have a good class though! She actually wanted to keep going back into the studio and say goodbye to the other kids and hug the teacher! I was so excited for her. I don't know if she will want to go back again, but I am hopeful that we turned a corner. 

Overall, I would say that we had a great weekend as a family. :)


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