A 13 mile long run

On Saturday I ran 13 miles. Longest run this training cycle. Longest run (other than the extra 0.1 mile at Glass City) in 2018. And I am feeling it today. It is definitely kind of weird to be so sore after a 13 miler, because I have obviously run twice that far and not felt this sore, but at the same time, it was miserable out there on Saturday. It was sunny out, around 80 degrees, humid as heck, all of the bad stuff.

Once again, my long run pace goals are to run between 8:38 and 9:08 for right now, and getting quicker at the end. Admittedly, I am still struggling with that a little bit, it still feels a little bit tough to believe that this will yield the fast pace that I want in my half marathon and marathon in September. But... I am committing myself to trusting the process. I need to trust it, because I obviously have not had a good longer race since fall of 2016. Not to mention that running those paces on a day like Saturday definitely equate to faster paces on more comfortable weather days.

I got a sitter (ok, Grandma) since Jason was playing golf, and I decided to go downtown for my run. I was going to meet up with Rebekah and her group to run with them. They only had 7 miles to my 13, but having someone to run with at ANY time was a good thing. They were running downtown, pretty much just out and back on riverside drive, which was totally fine. They were scheduled to start at 7:30, so I figured I would get the first three miles before they got there.

I arrived at the casino (where we were meeting) just before 7, and immediately got out of my car and off to running. I headed down toward the river, even knowing that I would likely be doing the majority of the rest of the mileage along that same route. I just went out and back with a quick bathroom stop (easier than the casino, you need your ID to get into the casino.)
Mile 1: 8:53
Mile 2: 8:47
Mile 3: 8:26

I got back to the casino where the group was meeting, pausing my watch, refilling my bottle, and hanging out for a few minutes while the group coaches got their instructions, etc. This was definitely the longest break of the day. I probably could have run a bit further, but I had kind of planned the day like that. 3 miles, 7 miles, 3 miles. The heat was already moreso than it was just a half hour prior, and I definitely felt like this was going to hurt.
Mile 4: 8:33
Mile 5: 8:44
Mile 6: 8:35
Mile 7: 8:26
Mile 8: 8:21
Mile 9: 8:39
Mile 10: 8:41
Those last two miles held the majority of the uphill that happened during the whole run. So I am certainly not disappointed in the pacing of that at all. After lopping back around to the backside of the casino, we ended the run at around 10.1 miles (for me). That left me with 2.9 remaining.

I went back to the tent that was set up, put a few ice cubes in my bra, and refilled my bottle (for the third time). and asked Mike, a guy in the group I had run with several other times, if he wanted to get the rest of my mileage with me. He agreed and we headed back down to the river again. Because apparently I do not know how to do anything else?
Mile 11: 8:08
Mile 12: 8:23
Mile 13: 8:07

13 miles, 8:30 average. In miserably hot and humid conditions.
Overall, I am pleased with this run, and I am slowly feeling like my legs and my endurance are coming back. I got this.


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