Training Update: Week of May 28

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I was back on the training wagon this week. I am not officially training yet, but it was a good week to get back to running! I am training for the Honor Run Half Marathon, and before that is the big "A" race of the year, the Wineglass Marathon.

It was a light first week back on the running horse, but I think Anna has been working hard, hoping that I LOVE training, instead of ending up burned out like after my last marathon. So we are building slowly. When I got my schedule I actually said "where are all the miles?" even though I know the answer. Let's be READY to race instead of over it. So here is what my first week of training looked like...

Monday: 3 miles. Yoga.
Tuesday: 4 miles. Yoga. Lift.
Wednesday: Yoga.
Thursday: 4 miles. Yoga.
Friday: 3 miles and drills. Yoga. Lift.
Saturday: Yoga.
Sunday: 8 miles. Yoga.

7x yoga
2x lift
22 miles


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