Training Update: June so far

So I have not written a training update in several weeks. There is not any true meaning behind why I didn't write any updates, I just... didn't. Training has been uneventful. I have been logging the miles that I am supposed to, I have not really done anything that looks like speedwork yet, but I have my first workout this week (other than running strides).
So rather than give the week-by-week play-by-play, I think I am going to give a little bit more high level information. I have been running 4 miles, nice and easy, every Monday and Friday. Wednesdays are always a rest day. Tuesdays and Thursdays I usually run a workout. As of now, those workouts have been mileage at whatever pace my body is going, and then strides at the end. Long runs I have been doing when it works on the weekend.

Technically, my long runs are scheduled on Sundays, mostly because it is summer time and that is the time of year when J likes to play golf. And it seems like Saturdays are the days to get out there on the golf course. So often my long run is on Sunday. So far I have done a 9 miler, a 10 miler and 7 miles yesterday. The 7 was because I was doing a 5K and I ended up really sick and really dehydrated and didn't run my last three miles. I am honestly thinking that I am not going to recap that run at all. 

It went poorly. And I ran far slower than I intended. Let's leave it at that.

So let's get on with this training cycle and really start to hone in on the other things. Let's especially work on the confidence, because that has been my struggle always, in particular my last two marathons. I want to get to the point where I feel so confident going in that I know I am going to achieve my goal, the question is by how much. :) That was how I felt going into my BQ race.


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