Birthday Trip to Chicago!

Last weekend, starting on Friday and returning home on Monday, Jason took me out of town for my 35th birthday, which is tomorrow. He gave me a lot of options with where to go, including Boston, which I LOVE, and some others, but at the end of the day, I landed on a return trip to Chicago. Now, the last time I was in Chicago, I had a rough trip. It was the marathon in the fall and obviously that did not go as planned. Now, I did get to see a lot of wonderful people who I am SO fortunate to call my friends, and I am so glad to have Caroline in my life, as she talked me off a starting line ledge, but other than that, I had a rough weekend.

I needed some Chicagoland redemption.

And honestly, the appeal of what the weekend might entail is what pulled me in that direction even more. The Detroit Tigers were in town playing the Chicago White Sox. I had my first double digit run in quite a while, and Jason had mentioned Hamilton more than once in our discussion of Chicago. With Hamilton being on the table PLUS a baseball game at a stadium that I had not been to previously, I was WAY in.

So, Friday, J and I drove Addie to school together. It happened to be Donuts with Dad day for Father's Day, so we thought taking her would be good so he would be free to attend the event. After saying goodbye to Addie and dropping her off in the classroom, we hit the road.
Somehow J managed to convince me to wait for coffee, so we got it about 30 miles outside of Indianapolis. It was JUST in time for me to avoid my headache. We got through Indy without issues and continued on to Munster Indiana. I am sure I mentioned this in my Chicago Marathon recap, but Three Floyds Brewing is there and we ALWAYS like to stop there. The beer is great and so is the food. So we stopped and had lunch there.

From Munster, we only had about 40 minutes of driving to get to the city. I know this is a little silly, but it is fun to go to Munster first because it completely avoids tolls into Chicago (especially the Skyway, which is so pricey!). When we arrived at the hotel, we were able to get into our room right away, which was wonderful. I recently got an upgraded status, so we were up on the 45th (of 46!) floors. After we dropped off our stuff, we walked over to the Streeterville Whole Foods to get some snacks and then went to the big Disney Store to get a gift for Addie, and to the Nike Store, because I was CRAVING some red zoom flies (which they did not have). 

We met up with J's cousin and his girlfriend next. They pulled off getting us to the White Sox/Tigers game, and they used some vendor connections to pull off getting scout seats.
I have never sat in these seats before. It was SO COOL to be so close to the game. And it was amazing to get the tickets, because I know that they are so pricey. The couple who sat behind us has those seats as their season tickets, which is pretty incredible! 

Saturday morning was 10 sweaty miles on the Lakefront path. 
Which were quite successful considering how god awful hot it was! I only stopped for the potty and water at fountains, so that was a win over the prior week. 

And then... we were in the room where it happens...

And it was absolutely one of the most amazing shoes I have ever seen. I was so excited to be there. I cried SEVERAL times. And honestly, I knew I was going to. And when the show was over, I felt ok about it because I saw several other women wiping their faces and stuff, so its not just me! If you ever get the chance to go, do it. It is worth every penny that you might spend on it. (And I know tickets are pricey)

After that, we heard that a little Brewery district was popping up in the West Loop. So we took an uber over there. There were 4 breweries right around there, and we hit up three of them (the 4th has a taproom that is not open yet, it is due to open in early fall). So that was a pretty fun little trip. Admittedly, the best beer I had of those was at Goose Island, which is the most MACRO of the MICRO brews. But it was one that is not available locally here, so I will take it.

We ate some dinner after that and then picked up some popcorn to bring home to Addie before heading back to our hotel. When we arrived on floor 45 and went into our room, we were greeted with the smell of GAS! We called the front desk and immediately security, engineering and the manager on duty were in our room, checking things out, and getting us all situated in a new room (we had to move down to 35). And all of the other rooms were checked as well. It did appear to be a problem that was just with our room, luckily. 

The next morning after a slow awakening, I went and got us coffee and a breakfast sandwich from the shop in the lobby before we headed out for a drive back to Indy. We were going to stay the final night in Indy and hit up a few breweries there, including meeting my friend & Coach Anna at Chilly Waters. We had a great time with Anna and Dave, and then J and I continued on to Sun King before hitting up our hotel. We did the usual Indy dinner of Yard House (yes, its a chain, yes, we have one in Cincinnati, BUT its good and we like it!) before having dessert at the hotel and hitting the hay for the night.

I woke up around 8 am, and hit the Canal for 4 easy peasy miles before we showered and headed back home to Cincinnati.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend, I am so glad that Jason wanted to do this with me for my birthday, as well as spend Father's Day with me!


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