Using Athlinks to check my Progress

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I have been using Athlinks for a pretty long time. When I started looking through it for the partnership with BibRave, yes, I had a few races to add to my profile, but I am not new to using the technology.
To be real though, updating everything recently, since I have had a good time updating with new race results, since I have run a few 5K PRs recently.

This is the home screen on the Athlinks website once you have a profile set up. It shows if there are any results with your name on them (those two results are not mine!) It also gives some basic statistics on your racing your PRs at the top. As you can see, I also have my up-coming goal race on there, the OTR5K (see my post tomorrow for some more details around that goal!)

Below the goals, you can see the recent race results, I am just showing what I have done so far in 2018, because obviously, I have 63 races logged here.

I feel like you can see some progress here, considering where I was and how I felt back in March. And I am proud of these updated race results. This is also what you will see under the "Results" tab on the site. 

But the statistics page is where my heart lies.
That is where your personal records are housed. And I am really looking forward to getting this 5K PR updated again from the Flying Pig. To be fair, I would like to update A LOT of these in 2018. Maybe ALL of them other than the 15K, because I only run one of those per year, and I already ran it!

Do you use ATHLINKS? Let me know if you do or sign up!


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