Training Update: Week of May 7

Last week's training was not perfect. For certain. I ended up sick, which threw off the week. But I still managed to get in my workouts, and now I am down to that last week before my "A" race of the season.
It is on Saturday, and I cannot wait to race.

But rather than chatting about the race, let's chat about last week. After all, I still have to recap the Flying Pig 5K!

Monday: 5 miles, recovery pace. Yoga.
Tuesday: 6 miles with 4@tempo pace. Yoga.
Wednesday: Yoga.
Thursday: Yoga.
Friday: 7 miles with 12x200m. Yoga.
Saturday: 8 miles. Yoga.
Sunday: Yoga

7x yoga
26 miles.

As you can see, the mileage was down a bit, and I actually was supposed to run those 200s on Thursday, but because I didn't work on Wednesday (and I went home sick on Tuesday) I felt like I should take an extra day. Since I am training for the 5K, the workout was MUCH more important than the easy miles, especially right now when we are so close to the A race.

So...  5 ish days to go, and let's go!


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