Training Recap: Week of May 21

The long and the short of this recap is I slacked off. Not really slacking, more of recovering after my Spring season racing 5Ks.

And recovery is important, right?

Never-the-less, I did not run last week at all. Not a single step. Not around the yard with Addison or at 4 am, or even on the weekend when I was starting to feel antsy and I had my new plan in-hand. And so, I still feel like it is worthwhile to take a look at what I did do last week, as it was the last week that I will take completely off until October 1.

Because my next goal race is on the calendar.
So last week...

Monday: Yoga. Lift.
Tuesday: Yoga.
Wednesday: Yoga.
Thursday: Yoga.
Friday: Yoga. Lift.
Saturday: Yoga.
Sunday: Yoga.


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