The Flying Pig Marathon: 5K and Kids Marathon Recap

Last weekend (May 5), I got out to run my second 5K of this season. I laid out my goals prior to this race, you can read about them here. But the 5K was not my only race of the day, I also was set up to run the Kids Marathon with Addie. J was also running it with us.

With help from my girlfriends, I selected the outfit for the race.
Flying Pig socks from Zensah, of course, my Dig Deep Trucker, Knockaround shades, and kit from Oiselle. My friends all thought I should go classic teal for the race, and slate on the bottom half. I, of course, went with the 4% on my feet. These will not be marathon or half marathon shoes for me, but I do LOVE them for the 5K, and likely will try them for 10K in the future.

There is so much less stuff going on for a 5K than a marathon as far as the outfit goes, no gels, no belts, no extra layers... That is pretty fantastic.

So the goals were to go out at a 6:45 pace, which was faster than my pace at the Glass City 5K a few weeks prior. And then I wanted to hold that through the second mile. And then race. I felt like that would allow me to sneak in under 21.
My friend took that picture in the third mile, I was hurting, but I was still going. I was still really pushing to try and hit that mark I had set for myself. And I want to be clear... I did. I hit the goal.

It is tough to give mile paces. My paces were off from the mile markers, so my watch said I ran about 30s quicker for 5K and ran almost 3.2 miles per the watch. So I am trying to figure out the best way to handle my next race to find a better way to know where I am on the course at any given time. Maybe I will split it myself at the mile marks? 

I ran 20:41, which basically puts me at a one minute improvement so far this season. I am so pleased with this progress. Final race coming up!

But I was not the only one racing. Little miss Addie was racing the kids marathon and J and I were running with her. 
I felt like it was important to make a Flat Addie, because I want her to feel like me. I know she enjoys it when I lay out my race outfit, so I was glad to be able to it for her too. She had her new #TeamFiona Flying Pig race shirt, her new Pig Goodr glasses, her new blue Nikes (she LOVES them), and a little pair of pink Nike tempo shorts.

I was a little nervous for her, the race was a mile, and she often takes a walk break when she does a quarter mile. But I do think it was a better choice.  The organization was so much better. Addie was super solid in this run. She probably ran 3/4s of the distance. She would take a very short walk break every now and then, but every time someone cheered for her, which was often because she was the smallest kid on the course, she would get going again. Especially when she saw her teachers out there on the course.
I did record the race on my watch for her, because I think she is going to want to look at that in the future. I am so proud of my fave little racer for being out there and doing hard things.

Look at that beautiful proud smile on her face. We will definitely be doing this race again next year.


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