The Flying Pig 5K - my goals

This weekend is the second race of my season (of three 5Ks, hahaha), the Flying Pig 5K, part of the Flying Pig Marathon weekend. I will be racing the 5K and Addie (along with J and I) will be running the Kid's Final Mile.

Admittedly, I am a little nervous about her trying to go a full mile, but at the same time, the kids race (the Piglet - they are all-in on the theme) is kind of crazy, and it is very hectic, giving both Addie and I some anxiety. So I registered for this after I was reassured by my friend (who did it last year with her son) that many many many kids walked a lot of the time. So we did "train" this weekend, as she enjoyed saying, and I encouraged her to run as much as possible, but to slow down. So we had a good weekend running slowly, taking breaks, running again, etc.

So goals for Addie (and J and I) are just to finish the race. I am nervous, but I know we can do it!

But really, what I want to talk about are what my goals are for this race. I executed the CRAP out of my goals in Glass City, and I did not feel like I was at my limits, so I would like to push a little bit harder this race and see what happens, see if I can get a little closer to that ultimate goal.

So... Again, this is not my A race of the season. So I am going to set up the goals similar to the GCM race. Mile by mile, making progress.

So there is the plan as it stands:
Mile 1: through in 6:45.
Mile 2: through in 13:30
Mile 3: GO!
Mile 0.1: GO FASTER!

This SHOULD result in a PR. And I think that I might be able to break 21 using this plan. And that would be another decent jump for me. I think I am ready for this.


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