OTR 5K - Race Goals

Saturday morning I am running my final race of this 5K season. I am pretty excited to race and feel good and see what these last week's of training can do. Like Anna said to me this week in an email when we were chatting about the race, "Remember, this isn't a test of your abilities from the last few months of training, but an opportunity to showcase all of the hard work and dedication you have put in throughout the Spring." 
I have set goals for the race, as I have done for all of my 5Ks this season. The way that I have been going at this so far, has been working for me. So... here are my thoughts around this....

Mile 1: 6:30
Mile 2: 13:00
Mile 3: RACE

If I can only hold on to 6:30 pace, I can still run a 20:25.

And that is still a fairly significant PR. Again. And I cannot guarantee that this will happen. But that is my goal, and I think I SHOULD be able to do this. And that will get me to my gold medal goal for the season. But IF... I have a wonderful magical day... I might be able to drop the pace a little bit, I might be able to truly fly. I MIGHT, just MIGHT be able to sneak in under 20 minutes on a perfect day. Anna thinks I can do it, she thinks I am ready.

And I am ready to find out.


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