Goal Check In - April

Another month has come and gone, and I am feeling great. I mean, I am definitely still dealing with a few hiccups in my training and life, but overall, I know that I am making progress and checking some boxes. That is what it is all about, right? Progress!

1. Save $2500.
I have $1500 in savings. I put another $600 in April. I am wondering if I should increase this goal or just stick to things as they are. I am leaning toward sticking to it for the year, but working on some other kind of goal... Additional amounts paid on my student loans or something? TBD.

2. Run 2200 miles.
I am definitely behind on the year so far, with 512.06 miles. HOWEVER, it was a much better running month for me... Back up and well over 100. I am going to keep growing this.

3. Read 30 books.
I read two books in April. I read Deena Kastor's book, and I also read the Monk of Mokha. Deena's book was amazing and the other was as well, but it definitely was not as quick of a read for me. But I am glad that I stuck with the other. I am at 10 books (of thirty) for the year.

4. Maintain yoga streak for the full year.
Still going. I have taken a break somewhat from posting all of the pictures on Instagram, mostly because I was struggling to get a good shot a lot of the time. And I also feel like it takes away from the practice itself, which is definitely not my intent. As a result, I will occasionally post pictures, but I am working to do this daily still. 4 months down!

5. Write 150 blog posts.
12 blog posts in April. A step up from March! I have written 41 posts in 2018.

6. Take a family vacation.
Still talking about this. Still no plans. We have to figure this out!


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