Training Update: Week of March 26 and April 2

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Sorry I did not get out here to write an update on my training last week. The weekend got away from me because of all of the Easter stuff that was going on. So I did not get the post written prior to Monday with last week on it.
I am now planning to run the Honor Run half marathon in November 2018. This is likely going to be a for fun, out there for the enjoyment local race, but I am putting it out there as something that I am doing in addition to training for a fall marathon (that is the plan as of now anyway).

So let's take look at the training that is 5K focused for the last two weeks.

Week of March 26:
Monday: 5 miles, easy. Yoga.
Tuesday: 6 miles including 5K effort work. Strength. Yoga.
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: 5 miles with 8x 100m strides. 6 total miles. Strength. Yoga.
Friday: 5 miles, easy. Yoga.
Saturday: 7 miles. Yoga.
Sunday: Yoga

29 miles
2x strength
7x yoga

Week of April 2:
Monday: 5 miles, easy. Yoga.
Tuesday: 8.5 miles, including 6x800m 5K effort. Yoga. Strength.
Wednesday: Yoga.
Thursday: 20 min run. 2.5 miles Strength. Yoga.
Friday: 5 miles easy + 8x 100m hills. 6 total miles. Yoga.
Saturday: 9 miles. Yoga.
Sunday: Yoga.

31 miles
2x strength
7x yoga


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