Race Recap: The Glass City Marathon - Saturday (5K and Kids Marathon)

So the Glass City Marathon was this past weekend. You saw from my training log post yesterday that I ran both the 5K and the Half marathon.
I think first I should recap the Saturday part of the weekend. Saturday was the first true day of the weekend despite the fact that I got over to the expo on Friday evening to make sure that I was able to get everything I needed for Saturday morning, which was a great plan. It allowed Saturday to flow nice and smoothly.
I mixed up my ensemble a little for the 5K that I was racing. I decided to try out some new kicks (that I literally HAD NOT WORN yet). I managed to snag a pair of the Nike Vapor Fly 4% at my local fleet feet, and let me say... I am a believer in these shoes. I loved them. They feel AWESOME. I mean, I might not have gotten 4%, but that is not what is important. These shoes feel so good, and I will definitely continue to race in them.
Krista took this picture of me before the race. I love it. I think I look THRILLED to be in the start corral. And that is a little unusual.

You all knew about my plan for this race. Negative splits. Feel strong. Etc, etc. And let's just say that was achieved.
Not amazing at tangent running, but anyone who knows me would not be surprised by this at all. Just before mile 3 I was passed by a girl, but I really was not sure where I was on the field. I knew I was not first (now second) but I was not sure if I was second (now third) or third (now fourth). There was a small out and back-ish section that went around a few buildings, so I saw the first place girl come out of there, but she was way ahead of everyone, so I was not sure if there was anyone a little closer to me.
But when I came running into the stadium, the announcer announced ME as the third place female. How exciting is that (thanks Krista for the pics!)?!?
I got a big check. It is always exciting to receive a big check just because it feels good to get one. I never have before, but I can attest to the fun of hauling it around for a few hours.
I ran about a 22 second PR, which I am super pumped about. And that without an all-out effort. This stayed in control!
After the 5K, we hung around because next up was the kids race. Addie was once again running the quarter mile. Technically she was old enough to do the half mile this year, but I signed her up again for the quarter because she has not yet run the whole thing. (I did not follow my own advice for the Flying Pig this year. She will be running a mile) She definitely ran MUCH further this year than she did last year. She may be ready for a half mile next year.
I love having my little running a race. She is the best and I am always SO GLAD to get the chance to be out on that track with her every year.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxed until I headed out to have dinner at the 5th Street Pub in Perrysburg. I had never been there before but the food was delicious and I was glad to see some bird gals. Jes was there and did all of the organizing, and Molly came as well. Molly was staying at my mom's house and I was glad that she was able to make it to dinner first. In addition, my friend Dan, a consultant that I worked with in a past life, was in town for the race, and he met us at dinner as well. I was SO GLAD he was there.
Molly and I were off to bed early, we had a race at 7 am the next day!


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