Last week's workout: a time trial

On Tuesday I had one of those workouts that I have spent time dreading over all of my years of workouts. A time trial. I have always worked them up so much in my head, far more than is reasonable or necessary. I basically melt down when I have to run fast, but I don't have something specific planned out other than "let's see what I can do!"
I posted the above to my Instagram stories before I headed out on the run. It was like 4:15 am. And this was the first time I busted out the Zoom Fly. These shoes are LOVE. I know that they do not last for too many miles, so I had been saving them up for a pretty intense workout.

I had a 2 mile warm up, then a 1 mile time trial, and a 3 mile cooldown for a 6 mile day. I honestly had very little expectations going into this run. I just was not sure what I could do. I decided that I would just run. I was wearing my watch, but I did not have any things set up other than the regular mile marker beeps. So, off I went to knock out the workout.

I ran my 2 warm up miles nice and easy, whatever pace my legs felt like running. I think I should have done a slightly longer warm up, or thrown strides in there too or something. Because I do not feel like I got up to mile pace until toward the end of the mile.
So there are my results. a 6:43 mile. And I honestly think I could have knocked out another sub-7 mile on top of that one. I think that is the true place that I am able to see that I really am able to run a PR in the 5K this spring, even if I am not ready for my BIG TIME 5K goal.

This was the first time that I busted out the zoomflys. And I am in love with them. These shoes really are AMAZING, and I am excited to use them for racing over the next few months. I am not planning on wearing them outside of major workouts and races, because they do not hold up to tons of mileage. (I have heard 200 miles tops, compared to 400-ish on some of my other pairs of shoes.)

So a 6:43 mile feels pretty good for right now. I am pleased with it overall, and I am glad that I was able to make it work. I am looking forward to seeing what I can do this coming weekend on my first 5K of the season.


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