Goal Check in - March

March was a month on the upswing. I started back at a few things, which felt good, including consistent running. In addition, I kept rolling at some of my streak-esque goals. Let's take a look at March and see what hapeend.

1. Save $2500.
I have $900 in savings. I put another $200 in March (but the beginning of April was big - more to come!) I am feeling good about this goal, even if I am not feeling good about any others.

2. Run 2200 miles.
March was much better than January. I ran consistently for the full month, but it definitely was still down on mileage from where I should be. I was up over 100 miles this month though, so a step in the right direction. I ran over 116 miles for the month. I am happy to be over 100 miles again.
Actually, I need to really rephrase myself there. I said "where I should be". There is no "should" here. I took a break because I needed a break mentally and physically because I have to take care of myself and do what feels good to me.

3. Read 30 books.
I read only 2 books in March. I have some work to do, but I am still thinking that the 30 books for the year will be doable.

4. Maintain jasyoga streak for the full year.
I have continued to keep this up. The streak was altered slightly. It has now become yoga everyday. A yoga streak versus a jasyoga streak. I ended up participating in a challenge for hips and core on instagram from Runners Love Yoga. Turns out, I really loved THAT as well. I definitely used a few days to hit live classes too. There are not limits to this challenge. The streak is about being consistent and allowing my body to move in new ways, different from how it moves running.

5. Write 150 blog posts.
10 blog posts in March. Not a bad month, especially considering it was basically the biggest month of work thus far. I am definitely hoping to make it a little bit better in April!

6. Take a family vacation.
This was a discussion over dinner last night. We are talking about doing a long weekend in May, in Gatlinburg, where we went for vacation last year, with a longer trip in July.

Overall, not a bad month to really show that I am working to achieve my goals, even though things have been far from perfect in 2018. Despite all of that, I feel really good about the year.


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