GCM 5K - the plan

I do not have a time goal for this race, it is my first race of the season, my first race since Thanksgiving. I do not count the Heart mini as I definitely was not racing. But here I am, ready to go again, and get things rolling.
I am excited to race in my hometown again and see where I am. This race is not my "A" race of the season, (that is coming up in about a month at the OTR 5K on May 19th) but it is a race that will help point my training in a certain direction and help to solidify some goals for the next month and help to pinpoint what I want to do.

So I do still have some good miles over the last two months on my legs, picking things back up after taking a little break. I have run some quick workouts, and I have very little 5K racing experience. So as a result, I have a plan and some goals.

First up, Goals:
1. Negative split this race. Last mile, fastest mile.
2. Execute my prerace routine flawlessly. This routine is a work in progress right now, and is something that I am working on before my A race, but I have a plan for now, and this will be a test of it.
3. Follow my race plan.

So let's take a look at the race plan. I don't have a time goal, exactly, but I would like to see what I can do within a range. So instead of just having a goal time, I set a goal for each mile. And the goal is a range, so I have some flexibility and places to fall in line. So, let's look:
Mile 1: 7:00-7:10
Mile 2: 6:50-7:00
Mile 3 (to 0.1) RACE.

Based on my workouts and things thus far, I think it is doable and will result in something positive for me, that I feel like I can be happy with. So that is what I am going with, and I look forward to updating with my progress.


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