Easter weekend

This past week was Easter. We did not have any official plans to spend time with family or anything. Except for our own little family.

J and Addie both had Good Friday off. I went in to work, but was able to leave a little early. First thing that morning, I got the following picture to my phone.
 Addie ate eggs. This is a win, because she has not wanted them ever lately. Jason put cheese on them for her (yum!) and did NOT put any black stuff inside (pepper). So he said she ate the whole egg with her berries for breakfast, and that is definitely a success!
 On Saturday, we had to do all of our normal weekend stuff. We went to the grocery store, went out to eat a meal, went to the "good park", hung out as a family, I did my long run... and then at the very end of the day was the above picture. We had to build a fort to set a trap for the Easter bunny. This is her inside of her trap.

Easter Sunday was the day that we decided was as good as any to try and start going to Mass. We are Catholic, and Addie will be attending a Catholic school next year. I grew up Catholic, going to Mass every Sunday, so in reality, I am happy to have that in my life again. It is likely that we will not go EVERY week, but it is my goal to go at least half of the time.
This picture is of Addie and I when we got up and got ready to go to Easter Mass. If you are not familiar with the brand, the dress I am wearing is from Oiselle, and the white on it is little women runners. I love it. You do not necessary see that they are runners on there, but they are, and it is a super flattering dress on me. Worth the money.

Part of the reason that we did not do anything with our family was because we had managed to get Zeus in for a haircut on Easter! Turns out, places are not necessarily closed on Easter. And although I feel a little bit guilty, like that makes me part of the problem, I was grateful to get Zeus in for his haircut. His eyebrows had gotten so long he could not even see!
Here he is looking so handsome. He is not a super fan of it being so short though, I don't think. He has been hiding in his bed and under blankets a lot. Although, it could also be that he is a little cold!

And this last picture is just one for good measure. I took this on Monday, so after the weekend, and after school. I just love it because it shows all the love between Addie and her daddy. Just looking at it makes me smile and my heart be a little bit more full.


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