Training Update: The Week of March 5

I just completed my second week of consistency. Again, the miles were not high AT ALL, but I am proud to have gotten in another 5 runs this week. I am still feeling pretty good, and pretty happy as far as the total mileage goes, since my number one goal was to just bring back the happiness.

So let's take a look at the week.

Monday: 4 miles. Jasyoga.
Tuesday: 4 miles with 8x hill sprints. 5 total miles. Lift. Jasyoga.
Wednesday: Jasyoga.
Thursday: 4 miles. Lift. Jasyoga. Core.
Friday: 4 miles. Ashtanga class.
Saturday: 6 miles. Jasyoga.
Sunday: Jasyoga.

23 miles
7x Jasyoga/yoga
1x Core
2x lift


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