Training Update: Week of March 19

Well, another week has come and gone. This week was supposed to be the one where I ran the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15K representing Bibrave, but with the disasterous weather that Indy got (shortening the 15K to a 5K), we chose not to drive the hour and a half to get there. I feel like that is pretty fair.
(It snowed all day, pretty much, that could have led to some rough driving conditions.)

Anyway, let's take a look at the week in running and other stuff!

Monday: 4 miles, easy pace. Jasyoga.
Tuesday: 5 miles + 8x100m hill sprints. 6 total. Strength. Jasyoga
Wednesday: Jasyoga.
Thursday: 5 miles Strength. Jasyoga.
Friday: 4 miles, easy. Ashtanga class.
Saturday: 7 miles. Jasyoga.
Sunday: Runners Love yoga.

26 miles
2x Strength
7x yoga


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