Post-break, new goals

So, I am not sure that I have even talked about my new goals for the Spring, after taking the hiatus briefly to try and figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I mean, I have been training for marathons or halfs for such a long time, and honestly I was tired of it. I think a lot of that is because I struggle to do things halfway, I always go for it when I am training for a marathon or half marathon. I am not one to just run a race for fun, so I was worn out. I needed that breather. I am glad that I took it.

So, as a result, I have a new plan. I have set new goals, at least for a few months. I am taking a break from the long distance stuff, and I am really going to spend Spring into summer focusing on the 5K.
It is super interesting to wake up early and go out for a three mile run. That was what I did today on the treadmill. J is out of town, so indoor runs with the dogs was what had to be done now.

I am running a race this weekend as my long run. I will be running the Heart Mini (15K) on Sunday. I have no goals going into this race, but I do have a plan. I am going to run the first 10K at regular long run pace (this will likely be anywhere between 8 min/mile and 8:40 min/mile) and then fast finish the last 5K. That way I am still getting some work done on the course, but at the same time, I am not putting any pressure on myself for not running the race as fast as I have in the past, etc.

I am kind of excited to give this new distance a-go. It isn't a new running distance for me, of course, but it is new for me to train for it. I have always just run a 5K for fun or even racing it was just riding on the heels of whatever OTHER training I was doing. It is a little intimidating, but I am looking forward to the new challenge.


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