Happiness is...

I am suddenly feeling HAPPY. I am truly feeling happy which is a feeling that I do not often have, mostly because I feel like happiness is something that is completely different from being "content", which is something I have experienced. Contentment is pretty common in my life, whereas happiness is not.

I am glad that this is happening. I am glad that I feel good. And I have to be honest, I think that Addie and my family are a BIG part of that.
Now, as you can see from above. Addie is ridiculous. Yes, she is wearing makeup. "Real" makeup, as she calls it. I don't even care. If she wants to play dress up and she feels like this is a thing, that is fine with me. She likes to put it on herself and she likes to pretend to put it on some days when it is pretty close to bed or something so I tell her she cannot put on real makeup. I just love her.

So yeah. Happiness. My friend Krista asked me about being happy once, and I think I might have given her a bit of a run around on answers, but I think that I can say right now that I am happy. I really am feeling pretty good right now. And that is definitely possibly abnormal for me, as bad as that may sound.

So for now, I am just going to ride this wave. Keep running like it is, keep working hard at the office, continuing to spend lots of time with my family, lifting weights and going to yoga a few times per week... Things are working right now.


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