Goal Check in - February

Another month down. I know that I am writing this a little bit late into March, but I think that is because I am coming to terms with the running for last month. Which, as you know from all of the other posts around running this past month, was NOT a great month.

1. Save $2500.I have $700 in savings. I put another $200 in, which is all I can really ask myself to do, in reality. I am continuing along this path. Once I hit my goal, I think I might put an extra $200/month toward my student loans, which is something I never have even considered before now.

2. Run 2200 miles.
67.5 miles in February. Laughable, honestly. I am way behind my annual goal. But I am not counting myself out yet. I am back to consistency as of now, so I have to keep pressing onward.

3. Read 30 books.
I read only 2 books in February. Much DOWN from January (where I read 4 books) but still keeping things on track for the full year, so I am still going to keep going!

4. Maintain jasyoga streak for the full year.
2 months down, 10 to go! I kept up the challenge for the full month of February #workIN28, and I even won a prize for it!

5. Write 150 blog posts.
11 blog posts in February. Mostly whining about running (or not running) and a few product reviews. Not a bad month, and this one was better than January.

6. Take a family vacation.
Not yet, but we have started to chat with Addie about what she wants to do. She seemed to have a lot of fun in Gatlinburg last year, so that seems to be pretty high on her list for next year as well. J and I, on the other hand, would like to do something different.


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