I have set myself a goal for running this week. The mileage is not going to be great, but it is going to exist, which is more than I can say. All I want this week is to run on 5 days. 5 days worth of running. 2 days worth of strength training.

I think that little steps like this are what is going to bring the love of running back into my life.

So far this week, I have gotten out and run three times, both on Monday, Tuesday, and again today. Monday was 3 miles. Nice and semi-easy pace. I ran about 8:40 pace.
As you can see, after that, I was feeling happy to be out there. The weather was not terribly cold. It was high 30s, which I know is still cold, but it was a good temperature for getting out there and feeling free. I feel like cold-ish but not miserable weather is perfect for the free-feeling that running can give you.
I have had my reflective gear on this week, haven't I? The above is from Tuesday's run.

I have gotten out there three times. I have been having a good time. I have been enjoying myself immensely. Things have been fun so far. I am hoping that keeping things light and relaxed throughout the month of March will help me in the long run. It will help me refind that place that I want to be. That place where I am focused and still am able to go for goals AND have fun running at the same time.


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