An exercise in stress, and its relief

My motivation to work is low right now. Not an "all-time low" or anything like that. For sure. I am just pretty tired of all of the consistent working. But I am nearing the end of the time of year when my focus is forced to be at an all time high, and I am just worn out.

But like I said, I am getting close to the end, I am just in that home stretch time right now, and I am confident that I can make it the rest of the way through this. I have done it many years in the past, and usually it was over a longer season. Granted, the pressure was not applied quite so consistently, but I really think that I can take care of this and make sure to get the rest of the way through it.
 Luckily I have someone who is pretty silly that lives at my house that can offer constant stress relief (and stress too, but usually that is in a different way than I feel stress at work.)
 Sometimes I just open my pics in my phone and find a few little gems in there. I try and be more present, spend less time on my phone, and then someone ELSE is using it.
 But at least I can usually get her to put on something cute when she sees it and she will wear that. She often only likes to wear dresses, but I was thrilled to get her in leggings and a tee this weekend. I think she just looks adorable.
And another found selfie on my phone. Gosh I just love my little nugget. Having her in my life is definitely one of the most difficult things, but at the same time it, it provides some of the best moments and the happiest times. 


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