Training Update: Week of January 29

Another week down. And as you know from my post over the weekend, it was a bit of a tough week. Nonetheless, I logged my miles.

As of this moment, I am still planning on running these races, we will have to see if I am "racing" or just running. But for now, let's take a look at what I did this past week.

Monday: 9 miles with 4x30s strides. (9.5 total). Jasyoga. Core.
Tuesday: 6 miles. Jasyoga.
Wednesday: Strength. Jasyoga. 7 miles (see weekend post for details). Core.
Thursday: 7 miles. Recovery pace. Jasyoga.
Friday: Strength. Jasyoga.
Saturday: Jasyoga. Core.
Sunday: 4 miles. Jasyoga.

33.5 miles (and the longest run since Chicago!)
7x Jasyoga
3x Core
2x strength


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