Training Update: Week of February 12

It seems a little bit silly to put together a training update this week, after basically relaxing this past week, but at the same time, we are taught by the pros that recovery is training.

So even though I spent a lot of the week not running, I would say that I was training still? Maybe? I have to think that way, because if I had not taken the time to relax a little, it might have ended badly. Sometimes you just need a break, need some rest.

So let's take a look at my training last week.

Monday: Jasyoga. Walk.
Tuesday: Jasyoga. Core.
Wednesday: Jasyoga. Strength. Core. 10 mins elliptical.
Thursday: Jasyoga. Yoga class.
Friday: Jasyoga. Strength. 1 mile run.
Saturday: Jasyoga. 3 miles treadmill.
Sunday: Jasyoga. 5 miles.

9 miles.
7x Jasyoga
1x yoga class
2x core
2x strength


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