On sick kids

This weekend was a rough one at our house. Addie got sent home sick on Friday afternoon, so I left work around three PM to go and pick her up. She had a low-grade fever, and was on and off feeling tired and run down. When her fever kicked up over 99, that was when they called me. So off I went to Blue Ash, to pick her up a little bit early, and we headed home. She was tired, but in good spirits.

I got her home, got her settled on the couch, and tried to do a few things for her. I got her a little snack, a drink of water, and something on TV for her to watch while I knocked out another hour of work before getting to dinner.

It lasted all weekend. She woke up, ready for the day at 4 am on Saturday. I got her up and she was hot through her clothes, and got her into bed with us. Now, Addie has never slept with us, not even when she was a newborn, she went right into her crib at nighttime. I tried to be really calm about how warm she was, but in reality, she felt SO WARM it was a little bit scary to me. In retrospect, she was not that warm. Her fever was around 100.5. So definitely a fever, but maybe not anything to be too alarmed about. Around 6 am, I had enough of the tossing and turning and brought her downstairs so I could make some coffee.

I got some Tylenol into her right away and figured we were headed for a long day on the couch.
It is possible that this is my most favorite picture from the weekend. First of all, Addie never naps at home anymore. She usually will for a half hour or so at school, but she has not taken a nap during the day at home in more than a year. But here she fell asleep on the couch, and Zeus cuddled right up to her. This is a pretty big deal because she and Zeus are not usually the best friend types. He has always been a little fearful of the little person who might pull his tail or something. This is the closest he has ever been to her. I think he might realize that she is growing up!

On Monday, she seemed to be feeling a little bit better. But because she had a fever all day on Sunday, I kept her home and took her to the doctor to make sure that we were on the mend. She is back at school today, thank goodness. I needed a break from her. 

And I am certainly not saying that her being sick is the full reason I cut my run short on Sunday, because we all know that I am feeling burned out, but it certainly did not help.


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