Less running = more family

We have had some interesting things going on considering I have not been training as much or as hard as I was before. My time is definitely taken up with less exercise, but that might be good for me and my family. It won't be forever, but I am glad that I allowed myself this break, I definitely am enjoying a little bit more sleep and a little bit less worrying about being in bed early, which allows me to spend a little bit more time with J in the evenings.

One thing that we have been doing is brewing our own kombucha. We don't brew beer at home because Jason does not want to deal with the smell. But we started drinking kombucha a few months ago (randomly bought a few bottles without ever trying it because I read about the benefits and turns out we both LOVE it), and let's be honest, it is a little bit of an expensive habit! Our second batch is sitting on the counter right now getting carbonated, I am actally moving them into the fridge shortly.

Monday was J's birthday. He is 37! Addie had the day off school for President's day, so we on and off did home things which I was also working. We made him a chocolate cake. And let's be real. Not because he wanted a chocolate cake but because Addie did. It was pretty good anyway. And Addie was so glad that we put candles on it for him to blow out. Singing happy birthday was exciting for her!

My Gilmore Girls loving heart decided to buy some new coffee. Yes. Scotty P is Scott Patterson... Luke on Gilmore Girls. I am almost through this first bag of coffee, and I am really enjoying it. You can buy it here.
Teek is pretty attached to me. When J is not around. Seriously. This dog needs someone to be touching her at all times. She prefers J, but I will do in a pinch. And I am home a little bit more (because he is working on Saturdays right now) so I get a lot of little gray pupper attention.
Addie and I made spelt banana bread from Run Fast, Eat Slow. We made it into muffins because it is a good afternoon snack for her that I don't feel bad about letting her eat in the car on the way home, other than the fact that she is constantly getting crumbs in my car. (I try not to let too many people ride in my car because of this).
As part of J's birthday celebration, we went to Golf Galaxy so he could spent some Scorecard Rewards points that we earned by buying a new treadmill on Black Friday. We had $150 to spend at Dick's Sporting Goods or Golf Galaxy, and as much as I was considering buying another pair of Zoomfly, I figured J should get to use it since the treadmill was mostly for me. He got a new club (pre-owned, but in perfect condition!), some golf balls, and a pair of stance socks.
Addie and her classmates had a pretty cool visitor this past week! "Diver Jon" from the Newport Aquarium came into the school to show them his equipment. Addie says he taught them about sharks and mermaids (priorities). She also got to try on the wetsuit and the air tank (you can see her teacher behind her, giving the tank a little boost so she does not have the full weight on her).

Overall, the non-training life has been pretty good. I have been enjoying this extra time, and I am looking forward to get back at it. I am working on a few new goals, but the number one thing on that list is to refind the JOY in running.


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