Goal Check-in - January

We are already through January. Holy moly 2018 is already going really quickly. I am not sure how we can already be 1/12 through  But I am going to try and keep up with tracking my goals publicly so I can have some level of transparency with what I have set out to do.

1. Save $2500.
I have $500 in savings. I had a good month for paying down things and not spending, so I am super happy with that. I feel like this puts me ahead of this goal for the year, but I am not going to necessarily be super planned towards it.

2. Run 2200 miles.
I ran 175.03 miles in the month of January. Ups and downs in the actual training, but I didn't really have trouble logging the miles. In fact, I am currently in the middle of a big "down" as far as the "training" portion goes. But finishing is fine. We will see what happens with the actual training part.

3. Read 30 books.
I read 4 (!!!) books in January. Some were tougher, some were easier, more about running, which are easier to get through for me than the book of essays that I read.

4. Maintain jasyoga streak for the full year.
1 month down, 11 to go! There is a planned challenge for February that is every day, so that will help this month!
5. Write 150 blog posts.
I wrote not enough in January, but there is time. I wrote 8 posts in January.

6. Take a family vacation.
Not yet!


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