Training Update: Week of January 8

I am starting to feel better. I know that I put myself in a hole for a pretty long time, and I am definitely taking my sweet time to get better, but darn it, patience is tough!

But I am training, I am working hard, and I am ready to be patient.

So let's take a look at last week and see how I made out.

Monday: 8.55 miles. Lift. Jasyoga. Core.
Tuesday: 7 miles. Jasyoga. Core.
Wednesday: 7 mile progression. Starting easy, ending around marathon pace. Jasyoga. Core.
Thursday: 6 miles, easy. Jasyoga.
Friday: Lift. Jasyoga. Core.
Saturday: Jasyoga.
Sunday: 12 miles. Jasyoga.

40.55 miles
2x strength.
7x Jasyoga
4x core


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