Training Update: Week of January 15 & January 22

Not sure how I managed to miss a week. AGAIN. But I suppose I am writing it now. I have had a few hurdles in my physical strength over the last few weeks, and I am wavering on a few things. I may get back to that in the future, but for now let's focus on my training.

So let's take a look at these last two weeks.

Week of January 15:
Monday: Strength. Jasyoga. Core.
Tuesday: 6 miles. Jasyoga.
Wednesday: 7 miles. Alternating pace. Jasyoga. Core.
Thursday: 7 miles, recovery pace. Jasyoga.
Friday: 6.18 miles. Strength. Jasyoga. Core
Saturday: 11 miles with 2x20 minutes at 7:12 pace. Jasyoga.
Sunday: Jasyoga.

7x Jasyoga
3x Core
2x strength
37.18 miles

Week of January 22:
Monday: 6 miles with 4x30s strides (6.52 miles). Jasyoga. Core.
Tuesday: 4 miles. Jasyoga.
Wednesday: Strength. 5 miles. Core. Jasyoga.
Thursday: 5 miles. Recovery pace. Jasyoga.
Friday: Strength. Jasyoga. Yoga class.
Saturday: 8 miles. Jasyoga.
Sunday: Jasyoga.  Core.

7x Jasyoga
3x Core
2x strength
28.52 miles


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