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My house is a little crazy at the holiday. I LOVE the holidays. And so, I want to take a little bit of time to look at a few things at my home as far as the d├ęcor. I know that it may be silly or frivolous to be so into something that can be perceived as missing the point of the season, but it is something that makes me happy and provides a beautiful bright light in the gloominess that is winter. Especially winter in Ohio.

So I guess lets take a look at some of my most favorite decorations from Christmas 2018.
Addie's elf is riding on a Village car with his friends pulling him along. Her elf's name is Chippey, and she LOVES him. My Village is definitely a beautiful sweet spot in my home, and I love having it.
Our tree. We got it from a different place than usual, and as a result, it is crazy. It is a different variety/species of tree than we usually get, but I just loved this tree. It was about 13 feet tall, but a lot of open space for ornaments. Large ones, which my Frasier Fir of years past really did not have room for. In fact, my mom cut branches out of her tree to make more space, so I am actually saving myself some effort. In addition, we went to a tree farm to get it. So our family went to this tree farm that was about a 20 minute drive from our home. That was not too far away, but it was so wonderful. We walked out into the trees as a family, Jason carrying a small hand saw, and me dragging a tarp and holding hands with Addie. We chose this tree and Jason cut it down. It was inexpensive compared to getting a tree from a corner lot, and it was a wonderful family experience. We will definitely go back next year.
This is my NEW tree for 2017. I purchased this on my girls trip to Bronners this year. My Grandma has a tree with white flocking on it, and I decided (after a few years of looking at it when visiting my mom's house at Christmas time) it was time to get one, as long as I found the right tree. I am very happy with this tree and I can continue to develop the decorations on it, but for right now, I am sticking with red and natural.

Hope you enjoyed a little piece of my holiday stuff. :)


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