A few days in pjs

This was sitting in my drafts when I got back to start working/writing. Therefore, I felt like the pictures were still worth sharing and I should still finalize this entry.

Now that I am back at the office after being home for 4 straight days (worked from home on Friday, had MLK day off as a holiday!), I figure I can write a little bit of a weekend recap. Friday I made the decision to work from home when I got an email from the CEO of my company saying that we should leave early or work from home, and it was up to us. I was already planning on leaving early, but decided to avoid the possibility of sitting in the car for several hours trying to get home (a likely scenario if there is even only a dusting of snow on the grond!) and just worked from my couch for the day.

Productivity was admittedly a little bit difficult because I had a 4 year old running around. Not to mention my 7 year old (dog).
She was apparently feeling a little needy, hopping into my lap on and off all day long. It is what it is though, and I managed to do the things that I wanted to get done that day, and that is really all I can ask for.

The roads got worse as the day went on, and eventually I was REALLY glad that I decided to stay home. J had a tough drive home, especially on side streets. He said the highway was not too slick, but it was definitely slow.

Saturday morning was a vet appointment for the two pups. They were SUPER overdue, mostly because I had not found them a new vet since we moved across town. They have been since we moved, but I think only once, and I finally bit the bullet and got ready to shell out all of the dollars. I ended up getting them both a wellness package, so we can also get their teeth cleaned this year. I am not sure if I will do the package more frequently than every other year (for their teeth) because it is really expensive, but they need it these year. This happened on the way home from the vet after everyone had their shots, got their dental appointments scheduled, and calmed down.
Don't mind my messy car, but enjoy a smiling dog in a kid seat.

Addison decided I needed to be "so fashionable" so she did my hair and my (pretend) makeup. And then obviously we needed to take a selfie. Take a look at that pose that girl makes. She is out of control, ridiculous. I love her but my goodness, she is a very feminine, princess loving handful. In the best possible way.
She also had a good time being "just the girls."
We pretty much lived in pajamas for several days in a row, and although I spent several days getting zero things done, I enjoyed spending some extra time with Addie.


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