2018 Goal Post

So... I might have to lay out my 2018 goals. It might be time. If nothing else, it gives me some accountability to someone other than myself. At least in theory. Not sure if anyone ever reads this, but like I said, in theory I am accountable.

I am a firm believer in putting yourself out there to achieve big things. And 2018 is a year of big things. I hope.

So here are a few of the goals I am going to track here on the blog over 2018. I have a few others, which I have different methods of tracking, but most of them will be here. So let's take a look at what I have planned for 2018.

1. Save $2,500. This number is semi-arbitrary, other than the fact that it is higher than any savings goal number that I have set for myself before. I really took control of spending toward the end of 2017, and I am feeling SO PROUD right now, so I am looking to continue.

2. Run 2,200 miles. This was a goal I did not achieve in 2017, but I decided to try again for 2018.

3. Read 30 books. This is a 6 book increase from 2017.

4. Maintain a jasyoga/workin/recovery streak for the full year.

5. Write 150 blog posts.

6. Take a family vacation.

So I think that all of these should be achievable, and I feel like these are good goals to track online. Like I said, there are more, and I have a pretty specific running goal that I am looking to achieve, but that will have to wait. Thanks to Kelly Roberts from She Can & She Did for creating the graphic that I am going to use to share that Big Scary Impossible "A" goal at a later date.


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