2017 Rundown

I wonder if I should write a recap of 2017 and then a goal post for 2018. I do have them written down for 2018 already, but I just cannot decide if I want to really dig into my 2018 goals here. I suppose that the bonus of that is that it gives me a guaranteed entry every month? Haha.

But because I brought everyone in on my 2017 goals, I should probably address them. So I basically just went back to my 2017 goals post to come up with all of them for the year. So let's take a look at how the year shook out.

1. 150 blog posts.
Done. I nailed this goal.
2. 150 pure barre classes.

I went into this in a previous post, but with the change in jobs, not to mention feeling blown out from all of the workouts that were possibly not supported, giving up on this goal was probably the best decision I made in 2017.
3. Write an outline and start to draft a book.
I definitely did NOT get as far in this as I wanted. BUT towards the end of the year, I got to work. And I am about 5000+ words in.
4. Run 2200 miles.
Did not achieve this. But I did "run the year" which was my secondary/back up goal. It became that when I struggled to recover from Chicago and my mileage was in the tank.
5. Run 3 marathons (Boston, Glass City, Chicago)
I ran two marathons. I turned up sick before GCM and ended up staying in bed. I didn't even get over there to cheer for friends!
6. Travel somewhere new
I went to Denver, CO in September. I have never been there before and I really enjoyed it! 
7. Take a family vacation
Done! We took Addie to Gatlinburg Tennessee back in August and had a wonderful vacation that you can read about here.
8. Work on yo-yo quilt: 50 circles
I made zero circles. Maybe in 2018?
9. Read 24 books (2 per month, average) and TRACK them all 
Done. Upping my game in 2018.
10. Take Jason on an overnight trip for his birthday
We did not officially do this, that I remember, but we did take multiple trips to Columbus this year, most of which were unplanned/unexpected, so I would say that counts!

Well, there we go. My 2017 in a nutshell. I am not sure if this year is a success or not? I mean, there are obviously other things that I did in 2017 that I did not layout as goals, they just happened. But I guess I am still pleased with how the year went overall. I made some gains in my life and personal health that are somewhat unexpected, and I am thrilled.


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