Training Update: Week of November 27 and December 4

I guess I have to write a training update for two weeks. I just got a little busy with all of the holiday prep around my house last weekend (we got a tree!, I had cookies to roll out and cut out!, other Christmas-y things!) and did not sit down and write my training update. But since I am just slowly working on building my bade before adding in a whole lot of workouts, I think it is ok to fit them both in here.

So... Week of November 27:
Monday: 4 miles, easy. Strength.
Tuesday: 7 miles, convo pace.
Wednesday: 4 miles, easy. Strength.
Thursday: XT (walking) and Core.
Friday: 5 miles, convo pace.
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 10 miles. 

2x strength
1x XT
1x Core
30 miles

Week of December 4
Monday: 4.6 miles
Tuesday: Strength, XT
Wednesday: 6 miles with 6x1:00 surges
Thursday: 5 miles, easy. Core.
Friday: 6 miles, convo pace. Strength.
Saturday: 10 miles. Core.
Sunday: OFF

2x Core
2x Strength
1x XT
31.6 miles


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