Holidays with our family

With the holidays going on, we definitely lacked writing around here. I have been out of the office since last Thursday, around 4 pm, and I have tried explicitly hard to ignore my work at that time. Rather than really detail the holiday, I am just going to post some picture and maybe a little caption just to give some highlights of our holiday. At home.
The tree. All decorated and Santa came and left gifts under the tree! This was Christmas Eve night before J and I went to bed. I was already completely jacked, excited to see Addie in the morning, because I was really feeling like Christmas was going to be at a new level of awesome and excitement.
Family photo before even going downstairs. Bolt (the stuffed doggie with Addie) is one of her favorites, and Santa snuck into her bedroom to leave him in there for her!
Addie and J opening gifts. This was J opening one of his presents, a book, supervised by Addie.
Addie showing off her gifts. A necklace and earrings that are in the style of Rapunzel. Dress up clothes and stuff are her favorite.
 Jason got an Apple Watch! I think he likes it.
Wearing her new necklace, earrings, and a new Elsa Dress Up dress, from Olaf's Frozen Adventure! I think she really likes it.
Papa got Addie a tent for her room! She loves it. It has a little LED star chandelier, which obviously is right up her alley.

I think I will have another post coming shortly with some more tradition type things, along with d├ęcor, but for now, this will do... Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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